Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing: another point of view

This article: written by PRABIR PURKAYASTHA expresses a bit more optimism around quantum computing and real-world applications than other articles I have seen.

I find it interesting to think about the impact on public-private key cryptography if and when robust quantum computers are available outside of research laboratories. Experts I have spoken with think we are 5-10 years away from having ubiquitous and feasible quantum computing machines. They do speculate that the impact of these machines on the security of data that has been encrypted prior to their existence could be large.

Perhaps an entire new industry will emerge to “re-encrypt” data with different algorithms?

Quantum Computing Technology

On Quantum Computing

The general public has shown great interest in quantum computing. Largely due to explanations in the general press these machines seem increasingly powerful and “real”. I recently found this article that explains the technology better than anything I have seen elsewhere. The article is from IEEE Spectrum and is written by Mikhail Dyakonov .


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