Our Founder

The founder of MaxCogito Inc. is Steve Akers, a Boston-area based veteran entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded three previous companies. His LinkedIn profile can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-akers-a5111a/ .

His immediate (previous) venture was a company that was founded in Concord MA and was building cloud-based solutions for control of files and documents. In 2012 this company (“Rivelando”) partnered with Bloomberg LP and built a a number of solutions that aided their “Bvault Compliance services” business.

Rivelando was acquired outright by Bloomberg in 2014. Steve and the team stayed together and took on significant work for the company over the next five years. They were re-located to Cambridge MA and were tasked with taking on large and significant projects of a critical nature for the company. The latest “mission” they were assigned was to revamp some very significant infrastructure for Bloomberg’s overall terminal business.

Steve and his team claimed the accomplishment of building an entirely new message compliance solution for Bloomberg that handles over 70 million messages per day for some of the most demanding financial services customers in the world. The system helps these institutions remain in compliance with strict regulations regarding trading and communication rules. This system is mandatory for institutions that must comply with regulations enforced by several governing bodies.

This was accomplished while operating and maintaining the old system and transitioning these sophisticated and demanding clients over to new infrastructure. The team had to maintain high levels of accuracy and quality between the two systems while the transition took place.

Steve is now focusing his energies on building technologies that will help companies in the financial services market better understand and work with content that flows through their networks. The technology is intended to be complimentary to that provided by companies in the financial services and compliance markets.

The opportunity to use Cloud based services to help companies comply with regulations and to help them identify business value in their content is a great one. Employing machine learning, data analysis and immutable ledger technology in a single cloud service that can help with privacy protection is a key aspect of the value that MaxCogito intends to provide.

Prior to his work with Bloomberg LP, Steve built companies in the data analysis as well as the security and Internet routing markets. He served as the Chief Technology Officer for two public companies (Lucent Technologies and Shiva Corporation) in addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits.