Insight for business communications

Knowledge of what is flowing through the communication systems of a business is mandatory in the current business climate. It is also potentially very profitable to make use of business content that may hold valuable information.

Many companies have very little knowledge of what is being generated by and saved on behalf of their employees, partners or clients.

New regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require that businesses understand the data that they have stored. These regulations require that companies storing information understand when it may expose the identities of individuals residing in certain locales.

Insight & Control

The focus of MaxCogito is to enhance the knowledge of what customers own on behalf of clients and partners and to give them strategies to properly manage this content. Message data flowing in normal business operational software contains a large amount of what these (and other) regulations have defined as sensitive data.

MaxCogito is working to supply solutions to companies who are required to protect and manage sensitive documents and communications. Most of the systems that businesses rely on for normal commerce were built before these types of regulations were envisioned. Therefore a new approach to dealing with problems created in this era of sensitive and regulated information is required.

MaxCogito professional and Cloud services are being designed to help customers identify and manage these sensitive pieces of content. Supplying the tools to aid compliance initiatives and that can help companies with general data privacy initiatives are goals of MaxCogito Inc.

Enterprises often use third-party services to store their data. Unfortunately they have little insight into what is being sent to these services. Given that content in archives and repositories is stored outside their control, direct oversight is difficult. As a result, insight into what is being sent to third party services is a key benefit to large enterprises. MaxCogito is building the infrastructure and services to provide this insight. MaxCogito helps companies understand that their sensitive data will be stored and handled appropriately.

Beyond Compliance

Beyond compliance there is inherent business value in understanding the content flowing through a network. Being able to identify and make use of valuable content is equally important.

With the current approaches of archiving and static storage of message data, “business value” lies buried within the content of an enterprise. There is no economically feasible way of putting these data to use. MaxCogito is focusing on unlocking general business value within content of this nature.

As enterprises gain insight into the data that they generate and store (many times stored at third-party vendors) they will gain enormous economic benefit from the content generated within standard business communications.